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If you find yourself losing your will power, know this, each day that goes by you can either get closer to your goals or further away--which is it? Never give up! Keep reading, keep trying new ways until you reach your goals. Cause, there ain't nobody that's gonna do it for ya! Here's some great info check it out!

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MY REVIEW: (at the bottom)

Let's face it, weight-loss is NOT easy! However, I've known many people who have succeeded, and probably twice that number that have failed. I believe it boils down to a couple of things, information and personal drive.

What I mean by that is, a person can have ALL the proper information, personal Trainers, money and all that...and still NOT lose weight, or lose it, but only to gain it back again. Yet, I've seen others with little to no information but they put it in their heads, they have the drive and they succeed and they keep it off!
"Why?", I've asked myself.

Different people have different ways I have finally resigned myself to this realization. Some people no matter what you tell them or do for them...they are not going to achieve their goal. Others...well you nor I could stop them if we wanted to!

It's what is in people's head! Do you have what it takes? Or not! Are YOU going to do it? You going to succeed? Or not! Because honestly, no-one can do it for you!
But, I know...sometimes, it comes down to information. There are ways to HELP YOU lose weight without taking pills or damaging your body.

I've studied three of the more popular natural weight-loss programs. I rated them from 1-5, 1 being the best. Here's how my review went:

1) - TAVA TEA - If you want an EASY way to lose weight organically and naturally this is an awesome program! Infact, it is so awesome I almost rated it my #1 pick, but because of the price of about $50 per month I was forced to rate it my third pick. However, the ease, the calmness it brings to a person is rated #1 in my mind. And, you know what? The price is actually better than going to the gym daily or using a Weight-Watcher's sort of eating program. All YOU have to do is remember to drink this tea at certain increments of the day and at the proper amounts during these increments--not to difficult! I rate this product/program #3!

2) - THE PALEO DIET- is a GOOD way to learn how to eat healthy, however, I can see where trying to find the types of foods they list in their book and keeping these foods handy may be difficult at times. I can also see their point of changing the way we do things to accomodate this type of eating lifestyle. For instance the nuts and dried fruit and can see that it would actually be easy once a person acclamated themselves to keeping this sort of food handy in their vehicle's or on outings. But, some of the other ideas seems a bit hard to swallow, like fresh red meat that is NOT tainted with harmones or antibiotics may be tough. There are places around, but still it would be tough and then to eat it on the run would require alot of pre-planning. Good information however, and if followed could definitely change your life for the better. However, at $48.00 for actually 2 different books that teach you how to cook and some other bonuses I had to rate this my fourth choice #4

3) - Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle - has many good points about the system, one of the main points I like is the fact that Tom Venuto likes doing things naturally! As do I. I am not a big believer in taking pills to mask or cover-up problems--I believe in hitting whatever the problem is head-on. That is why I like his system alot. And, at only $39.95 for his system "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle", including 4 books on "Foods that burn fat", "Foods that turn to fat", "The A food, B food lecture", "How to measure your body fat" is in my opinion a steal. And, even his upgraded system with everything above plus "The Fat Burn Files" for only $59.95 is awesome! However, it takes dedication and work to go through his system--but to me it's not a big deal because I know that anything worth while takes work and dedication. However, if you want a more laid back style of losing weight you might check out my #3, or #4 pick. But, I have to choose this system as my #2 pick!

4) - ACAI BERRY MAX - This is an all natural product, the type of product I love. One of the things I love with this product is that it is much like Tava Tea, except the price is about $100 cheaper per six months or about $17 per month cheaper making it about $33 per month to try or about $1.10 per day! Now that is liveable! The price of cup of java or coffee is more than that, and this stuff is good for you! After going through the program, I believe that a person can lose weight from the merits of the program itself--mind you, anyone can lose weight if they REALLY want to, but when a program talks about it being one of their main attributes one has to question the integrity of the program. This program can run on it's merits only when they say lose weight. And, it talks about losing just 1 to 5 lbs. per week. That is very achievable! So, I have to rate this program my #1 pick!

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